Instructions To Complete My Package

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Of course, it is all good and well sending someone Google Cardboard with your name on it, but without clear instruction on what to do next, it’s a bit pointless. I have to consider the recipient, and the probability that they might not know what Google Cardboard is. I need to show them what to do, and then how to use it, and to do this I have taken photos of each step of the assembly. This is the same technique I used when putting together my video. I’ve used imagery alone as I believe this helps to suggest the simplicity of the product. We all know what it’s like to open up a set of over complicated instructions, so I have simplified them.

The overall look of the instructions also says a lot about me as a designer. They include colour, shape, and typography, all things that feature heavily in my design work. It will be the first thing the recipient sees, so I felt it important to make a good first impression.

I wanted to also include some personality, and encouragement, and my choice of words have been used to execute this. I have even shortened the YouTube URL to a more simplistic link, so that their job is simple to the very end. As a package, I believe it will work well and promote a hands-on approach by the recipient.


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