Completed Google Cardboard


After much searching, I found a cardboard box that made just the right material to use for my Google cardboard. Being corrugated it has meant that it can fold without splitting, and being the thickness that it is has meant that it all fits together well. It is sightly too thick though, and I have had to exclude a piece of the design and forego the magnet switch. Neither of these things affect the overall product though, and my tests have shown that it works just as well and will achieve what I want it to.


My original vision of a Google cardboard product was one that included the ability of being able to direct a phone to my video via the inclusion of an NFC tag. There are a few problems with this; the first being that I don’t have the ability to programme an NFC tag, and secondly, not every smartphone has NFC capabilities. Alongside this would be the need for an app to be downloaded which included my video. At this moment in time I don’t have the skill or knowledge to do this. Thus, the end result has been a bit different. Instead, I have devised a way of getting the recipient to simply type in a link within a web browser on their smartphone. It will direct them to my video on YouTube where they can then play the video from there.

As can be seen by the video above, I had made the video split screen with the use of a video converter programme. This is a 3D effect and can only be viewed properly via the use of a virtual reality headset, like Google Cardboard. What this does is simply make the 2 images become 1. Although there is no sense of movement or 3D within the viewing of my video, the viewer will still be watching my video in a unique way.


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