Making Google Cardboard

Google Cardboard might seem like a strange idea, but in essence it gives anybody with a smartphone, albeit the correct sized smartphone, the chance to experience virtual reality without having to buy a high cost headset. All that is needed is some cardboard, and is this idea has led me to consider using such a thing as my physical hook. My thoughts are that I could attach a template of Google Cardboard within something; a book, or vinyl sleeve for example. I consider myself a typographer and would want to advertise myself as such, so print is important to me. One idea is that I put together a book of my work, and part of that book would include a pullout of Google Cardboard. The reader would assemble it, and use it in conjunction with the book, bringing my work to them in a three-dimensional way. Scanning pages with Google Cardboard would display my work on their smartphone screen. This could be done with the use of augmented reality in some way.

To see how easy it was for myself to construct Google Cardboard I’ve set about downloading, and printing off the Google Cardboard template from Googles website.

Google Cardboard templates…

2014-11-25 09.31.16-1

Templates cut out…

2014-11-25 09.51.52

The finished product…

2014-11-25 12.29.48

To complete this product I would need lenses and an NFC tag, but although unusable, it does give me an idea of what it looks like; how big it is, and how easy it is to assemble. It took me nearly 2 hours to do this, and mainly because the card I used was too thick, and was hard to cut through. The actual cutting out part proved to be time consuming and difficult, but the assembly of the product once cut out and ready to go, was quite simple. If I were going to include this in something like a book, it would need to be perforated into a page so that it could be easily removed and assembled.


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